"Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives" by John C. Hull is a widely acclaimed book, particularly known for its comprehensive coverage of the subject matter. The 2017 edition, like its predecessors, serves as a fundamental resource for understanding derivative markets and instruments. Hull's book is often lauded for its clarity and depth, making it a staple in academic courses and a valuable resource for professionals in finance.

Here’s its GitHub repoI have been summarize the important points. , chapter summaries, and some python examples.

An Introduction to Statistical Learning (StatLearning.com 2023)

Statistical learning refers to a set of tools for making sense of complex datasets. In recent years, we have seen a staggering increase in the scale and scope of data collection across virtually all areas of science and industry. As a result, statistical learning has become a critical toolkit for anyone who wishes to understand data — and as more and more of today’s jobs involve data, this means that statistical learning is fast becoming a critical toolkit for everyone.

A Passion for Knowledge Sharing

While I have yet to author a book, my aspirations in the field of financial technology and data science are firmly rooted in a deep passion for sharing knowledge and advancing the field. As a dedicated enthusiast and practitioner with a rich background in quantitative research, machine learning, and statistics, my aim is to contribute significantly to the discourse in our vibrant and ever-evolving domain.

My journey, although unique in its path, is driven by an unwavering commitment to demystify the complexities of financial technology for a broader audience. The heart of my endeavor lies in the creation of insightful blog papers that delve into the intricacies of data and algorithms, illuminating their applications in understanding and transforming financial markets.

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Seldon's plan, the Foundation, is an ambitious endeavor to preserve knowledge and shorten the impending period of darkness and chaos. Asimov's work is celebrated for its intricate plot, profound themes, and its exploration of the fall an...



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