In a world where miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings, it's important for me to share how I best communicate and connect.

Here are my preferences and guidelines, which I've found helpful in maintaining clear and positive interactions.

To avoid further unnecessary headaches, I try to make clear how I communicate.

General Communication Style

  1. Directness is key. I appreciate straightforward, clear conversations.
  2. I'm not a fan of compulsory read receipts or platforms that don't respect user privacy.
  3. Small talk isn't my forte; I prefer getting straight to the point.

Email: My Preferred Method

For initial contacts, please reach out via email. I make it a point to regularly check and respond.

Possible reasons for not replying:

  1. The request is outside my area of expertise or ability.

  2. Overly long emails. A concise, 200-word limit is ideal.

  3. Questions that are easily answerable with a quick online search.

  4. Lack of a brief introduction if you're not easily identifiable online.

  5. Sometimes, emails might be overlooked, so a follow-up is welcome if you don't hear back within a week.

Social Media Interaction

Actually, I'm not a social media user, I'm on platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub, but I use them mainly for updates and insights..:

  1. For direct messages, email is more efficient and reliable.

  2. LinkedIn: I read LinkedIn messages but I prefer emails.

tl;dr: follow me on social media but reach me via email.

Texts and Phone Calls

Texting is for quick, informational exchanges, mostly with people I already know well.

For phone calls, especially for in-depth discussions, please schedule them in advance.

Scheduling and Time Management

I have a full-time job and when not working, I do side projects (see my books, open-source projects, blog). I have little free time.

For meetings or collaborative discussions, advance planning is much appreciated.

A calendar invite is a great way to ensure I remember our appointment.

Flexibility and Openness

Despite these preferences, I’m open to spontaneous interactions and understand the value of adaptability.

Life's most enriching experiences often come from unexpected conversations and encounters.


This guide is not set in stone but serves as a framework to avoid miscommunication. I look forward to engaging in enriching and meaningful exchanges with you!